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Blend it, shake it

If you're trying to be healthy after Christmas excess, or taking part in a diet overhaul like Veganuary, then these clever bits of kitchen kit from St David's will make life easier...

Make a meal in minutes with Lakeland


The Touchscreen Soup Maker from Lakeland (£99) allows you to make delicious home-made soup with no mess or fuss. It'll cut, blend, cook, simmer and stir your soup from start to finish, all in one jug. It's a clever piece of kit beacause you can also use it to create nutritious smoothies, milkshakes, baby food and cold dips and sauces.

Lakeland Cardiff soup maker

Get fruity with this juicer from John Lewis


Imagine fresh juice every morning! The Philips Viva Collection Masticating Juicer from John Lewis (£160) can extract up to 1L of juice before the pulp container fills up, meaning you can easily make enough juice for the whole family. You'll be coming up with names for your concoctions and starting your own home juice bar before you know it.

Juicer from John Lewis Cardiff

Serve your smoothies in this beautiful jug from The White Company


If you're planning on making litres of sumptuous smoothies and juices, then you'll need a good serving jug. This elegant jug and teardrop-shaped stirrer from The White Company have been handblown by skilled glassblowers in Poland, and will show off your drinks to the max. £45.

The White Company Cardiff glass jug

Make sure dinner's waiting when you get home


Good intentions are all very well, but when you get home after a long day, it might be tempting to fall back on convenient foods that aren't that healthy. The Russell Hobbs slow cooker from Debenhams (£25) can hold 3.5L of deliciousness, and even has a chalkboard front, so the whole family will know what's cooking and when it'll be ready! Vegetable stew anyone? Yum.

Debenhams Cardiff slow cooker

Spiralise in style with this gadget from Curry's PC World


The JOSEPH JOSEPH Spiro Hand Held Spiralizer (£12.99) from Curry's PC World is a simple piece of kit that can open up lots of new, tasty and healthy options at mealtimes. Create curly noodles from a variety of vegetables and fruits, or use the rotary grating blade for cheese and vegetables. The clear container base collects food as you cut to keep your kitchen clean, and you can just pop the spiralizer in the dishwasher at the end.

Joseph Joseph spiraliser

Cut up the rainbow with the pro-slicer from Kenwood at Debenhams


With its compact design and multiple settings, this kitchen attachment pro slicer grater from Kenwood is a handy addition to any kitchen. Complete with a variety of cutting plates, allowing you to chop and shred food to your heart's desire, it will make you much more likely to stick to your healthy eating resolutions this year. Kenwood Pro slicer grater AT340, £99, Debenhams.

Debenhams slicer Cardiff