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Off to brunch

We’ve done some digging to find the best brunches, so whether you want to grab a bite on the go or enjoy a lazy catch-up with friends, these treats should hit the spot

Café Rouge


What’s brunch without a classic fry up? Café Rouge offers The Rouge Breakfast with free-range eggs, Toulouse sausage, sweet cure bacon, beans, mushroom, tomato and sourdough toast to start your day in hearty style. The Rouge Vegetarian swaps the meat for avocado and spinach, ensuring that veggie brunch lovers are well catered for too.

Cosy Club


If you’re looking for a sophisticated, healthier option (but still fancy the odd rasher of bacon!), look to Cosy Club. The Rather Elegant Brunch here certainly lives up to its name, featuring bacon and avocado with herbed spring onion and chive potato cake, baby kale and fire-roasted tomatoes. A colourful feast, all topped with a poached egg and toasted seeds. 

Ed’s Easy Diner


Not sure whether to go sweet or savoury? Ed’s Easy Diner offers the perfect blend of both with its Fried Lickin’ Chicken & Waffles. As the name suggests, this stateside dish comes with fried chicken on butter waffles - plus streaky bacon and maple-style syrup (and served up with waffle fries). It doesn’t seem the healthiest option, but it sure sounds delicious!

Muffin Break


Don’t let the name confuse you, as we’re not talking muffins here. Instead, we've set our brunch sights on pastries - a savoury croissant to be precise. Made fresh in store, what could be nicer than a delicious flaky butter croissant filled with ham, cheese and tomato? Enjoy it fresh or toasted - either way it's a total treat!



Bear with us, because this one’s a bit out there, but it does represent the ultimate combination of breakfast and lunch. Presenting the Cheese & Marmite Sarnie from Starbucks, a perfect blend of the iconic Marmite on toast breakfast upgraded to a classic sarnie, complemented with cheese and béchamel. You’ll either love it or worship it.



Everyone loves a Greggs, whether it’s for breakfast, lunch or both! For a quick, on-the-go brunch, grab yourself the All-Day Breakfast Wrap, filled to the brim with pork sausage, sweet cure bacon and a cheese omelette with tomato relish, all in a soft tortilla wrap. Treat yourself to a hot coffee whilst you’re at it and you’re all set for the rest of the day!