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Easter at Hotel Chocolat

The Eggception Since 2004

Crack! Like our Extra-Thick Eggs, rules are made to be broken. And we’ve done just that –  left, right and centre – to create this year’s Easter collection.

The received wisdom when we first made our Extra-Thicks was to keep them as thin as possible. We did the opposite, opting for ridiculously thick shells that are still satisfyingly snappable. Almost two decades on, they’re still your favourites: from high-cacao, intensely dark Rare & Vintage, to our best-selling Rocky Road to Caramel, there’s an egg for every appetite.

We were told eggs have to be egg-shaped. We responded with our Egg Sandwiches – for those who don’t take their eggs boiled, even at Easter. To make them even more authentic, we 3D-scanned real slices of wholemeal bread to create the cast, and we serve them in takeaway boxes. This Easter, our new Marmalade on Toast Egg Sandwich – an irresistible combination of tangy Seville orange and caramelmilk, with a 40% milk crunch – joins our much-loved Caramayo, Chocolate Spread, Cookie Dough & Ice Cream and Lamb & Mint creations.

Traditionally, those following a free-from or vegan diet may have found themselves limited to dark chocolate eggs. We created a Free From Soft Boiled Egg with all the mellow, creamy taste of milk chocolate. Made without dairy, gluten, nuts or wheat.

But most daring of all is our mantra, which challenges the status quo, and informs every single recipe we create: More Cacao, Less Sugar. If you ask us, it means your chocolate tastes better, satisfies with less and is more considerate of the people of who grow the cacao that goes into it.