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Hotel Chocolat has arrived

Hotel Chocolat has arrived at St David’s! Alongside the new store, which is stacked high with boxes and slabs of gorgeous chocolate in an array of exciting flavours, is the Hotel Chocolat Café...


Prepare to be wowed with a menu of chocolate-y goodness!


On chilly days, warm up with a hot chocolate in one of the many delicious flavours, including mint chocolate and chilli chocolate, or try a Coffee Chocolat Latte if you’re in need of a coffee fix.

During the summer months, sip a Choc Shake or indulge in an Ice Cream of the Gods. There are also cakes and snacks available if you’re feeling peckish.

Meet a chocolatier 


We caught up with chocolatier Kiri Kalenko to find out what it’s like working in the Hotel Chocolat kitchen, and whether there could be a Welsh cake chocolate on the cards…

Q: Hi Kiri! We're so excited to welcome Hotel Chocolat to St David’s. We'd love to know...

How did you become a chocolatier? It sounds like a dream job!

A: It is! I studied Home Economics at uni and did a module in New Product Development. I loved how creative it was and from that minute I knew I wanted a job involving it. A couple of months after I graduated I saw a job advert for an Apprentice Chocolatier at Hotel Chocolat. I couldn’t believe that kind of job even existed. I was over the moon when I got it!

Q: What's your personal favourite Hotel Chocolat chocolate?

A: I love our Brownie Selector, it’s full of roasted pecan flavours and is so rich and indulgent. I’m also a big fan of our Grand Slabs, there’s nothing better than a chunk of chocolate when you have that cocoa craving!



Q: Which chocolate are you most proud of creating?

A: I’d say Mojito, because it was the first chocolate I ever developed. It hit the shelves about 10 years ago now. The first time seeing one of your chocolates in a Hotel Chocolat store is a pretty good feeling!



Q: What inspires the flavour combinations?

A: In the Inventing Room, we’re a team of people who are obsessed with food! We get our inspiration from everywhere; restaurants, food festivals, cooking at each other’s homes. We’re constantly on the lookout for new ingredients, recipes and flavour combinations - we see it as a hobby rather than part of our job.



Q: We know Hotel Chocolat has reimagined carrot cake into chocolate, but we're a big fan of Welsh cakes over here in Cardiff. Could it be done?

A: Tarow is our chocolatier who loves turning desserts into chocolates - Carrot Cake being her creation. Funny you should ask about Welsh cakes, as we recently had a team trip to Betws-y-Coed and tried them for the first time! We should get it on our ‘to do’ list for a new chocolate.



Q: What would you say is Hotel Chocolat's ethos?

A: Originality, authenticity and ethics. Within the Inventing Room we practise ‘more cocoa, less sugar’, which we have at the forefront of our minds when developing any chocolate.



Q: And finally, we have to know... are you ever tempted to lick the spoon?

A: Yes! But the kitchen rule is… don’t double dip!