Pizza Express: 2 for 1 on all main courses

Plan a month of delicious food with us! Every Monday - Wednesday this October, it's 2 for 1 on all main courses. Only question is, what will you be ordering...?


Meat Free Monday?

This season we have even more delicious Vegan dishes on our Autumn menu.  From the iconic and irresistibly hot & fluffy Vegan Dough Balls to the unbeatable pizza line-up featuring flavour-packed Vegan Giardinera, all-time favourite Vegan Padana and, brand new to the menu, punchy Vegan Puttanesca on a crispy base.

pizza express vegan

Try it Tuesday?

This season, the choice is yours. Unbeatable pizza line-up featuring punchy Vegan Puttanesca on a crispy base, creamy & smooth Carbonara Romana and the colourful Ragu - not just a feast for the eyes. And don’t forget the fresh out the oven Chicken Wings with a PizzaExpress twist.

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pizza express wings