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Welsh treats to try this St David's Day

It's St David's Day on the 1st March, so what better way to celebrate than by sampling some of those famous Welsh flavours? We've rounded up some of favourite little treats that taste just like home...

Welsh Cake Jam Concrete at Shake Shack


Each Shake Shack has their own signature Concretes (a dense, creamy and delicious frozen custard) and at St David's you can sample the unique Welsh Cake Jam flavour.

Classic vanilla custard, swirled with rich, fruity jam and pieces of fluffy welsh cake, this sweet treat is not to be missed.

Concretes at Shake Shack

Dragon's Fire at The Ivy


The Cardiff branch has a couple of signature cocktails that are just the thing for toasting St David's Day.

Bae Caerdydd is a light and breezy drink, with hints of vanilla, pear and raspberries - perfect for sipping all evening long. But, we love the drama of the Dragon's Fire with Absolute Citron, Manzana Verde, apple juice, lemon juice, passion fruit and fresh raspberries all finished with a flaming passion fruit shell. Iechyd da!

Dragon's Fire at The Ivy

Croque Madame at Café Rouge


A rich cheesy sauce, spiced with mustard and poured over golden toast - there's no comfort food quite like a Welsh Rarebit.

However, Café Rouge have their own Français version - the Croque Madame - with a three-cheese blend and béchamel sauce, including smoked ham, a side of frites and topped with a runny fried egg - delicious!

Croque Madame at Café Rouge

Welsh baked goods at Kin + Ilk


There's a whole load of local treats to sample at Kin + Ilk. Start your day with Cinnamon Fruit Toast (you can almost pretend it's Bara Brith) from Cardiff artisan baker Alex Gooch and served with Welsh salted butter.

Or why not enhance your coffee, with a freshly-baked Welsh cake from Pettigrew Bakeries? If you get there early enough, they'll still be warm.

Welsh Cakes at Kin + Ilk

Temaki at Yo!


There's no Welsh delicacy more divisive than the flavourful laverbread. The laver (a type of seaweed) is traditonally boiled down and served up with breakfast, but the strong flavour can be too much for some.

For all the seaweed haters out there, we suggest you swing by Yo! and give one of their Cali Temakis a try. Consisting of sheets of nori seaweed and stuffed with rice, avocado, surimi, toasted sesame and mayo they are guaranteed to turn everyone into seaweed lovers.

Temaki at Yo!