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Your guide to the best half-term treats

We've tracked down some of the most delicious snacks for treating hungry half-termers. From all-American shakes at Ed’s Easy Diner to irresistible churros and sweet or savoury crepes, there’s something for everyone...

Glazed goodness at Krispy Kreme


There’s nothing quite like a trip to Krispy Kreme to fill the family with joy. Everybody knows the sight of those green polka dot patterned boxes can only be a good thing! Whether you’re stopping in for a selection Sharer Dozen box to take home for pudding, or grabbing a classic Original Glazed, these American doughnuts are a classic mood-brightener for all.

Popcorn delights at BB's


The new Popcorn Muffin at Bakers + Baristas makes the perfect half-term treat. It’s baked with toffee pieces inside, and topped with creamy vanilla frosting and toffee popcorn. Have a birthday coming up? If you sign up to the Bakers + Baristas newsletter, you’ll get a free muffin in celebration of your birthday. Head to their website to sign up. 

Hot chocolate indulgence at Kin + Ilk


When it comes to hot chocolate, no one does it quite like specialist coffee spot Kin+Ilk. Take teenagers for a warming cup of creamy, chocolatey goodness - and don’t forget to grab a Welsh cake, freshly homemade by Pettigrew Bakeries, while you’re there too!

Crepes in all flavours at Crepeaffaire


Dealing with fussy eaters? There are endless flavour combinations at Crepeaffaire, meaning everyone in the family can order exactly what they want. Fancy a classic Ultimate Nutella crepe? You got it! How about Maple Bacon? Coming right up! Choose from a huge range of sweet and savoury crepes, waffles and mini pancakes to keep tummy rumbles at bay.

All American classics at Ed’s Easy Diner


While schools out, treat the family to some all-American classics at Ed’s Easy Diner. Whether you’re heading to the cinema at Cineworld, or doing a spot of shopping, the world-famous thick milkshake or Ed’s classic ice-cream floats are worth making a pitstop for. Suck up a milkshake in flavours like chocolate, strawberry, butterscotch or Oreo Cookie, or share a Rocky Road or Cookie ‘n’ Creme sundae.

Sugary, cinnamon churros at Barburrito


Sometimes referred to as ‘Spanish doughnuts’ or ‘Mexican doughnuts’, Churros are believed to have been invented by hungry Spanish shepherds, who made this delicious snack in a pan over an open fire as they worked on isolated hilltops. Pop to Barburrito to enjoy these fried cinnamon and sugar-sprinkled snacks, which come with a caramel sauce. They’re a delicious treat for hungry half-termers!