Student Night - FAQs

Student Night Cardiff

Have a question about Student Night? Here we've answered some of the most frequently asked questions...


Q1. I am disabled, can my carer gain entry, even though he/she is not a student?
A1. Yes. Each carer, supporting a ‘pre-registered’ student with a disability, is allowed access (without the carer having to register himself/herself). If a student has a disability, he/she will need to head to the front of Queue Zone A, regardless of what their confirmation e-mail states. Students with a disability will be allowed to make their way into the mall before 8pm to avoid the rush.

Q2. I’m in a different Queue Zone to my friends, can I join my friends in their queue?
A2. No. It’s mandatory that all students queue in their designated zones for health and safety reasons. It is important that the numbers in each queue are managed effectively.

Q3. I am a general shopper- can I attend Student Night?
Yes, you can shop but you will not receive the designated student discounts and will not be given a pink Student Night wristband.

Q4. Can I bring my child / children to the event if I am a student?
There is a strict over-16s only policy. No children are allowed entry. This is for health and safety reasons due to the nature of the event.

Q5. I don’t have an NUS card or acceptance letter and I am in 6th form / college / university. How can I prove I’m a student?
. Ask your teacher to draft a letter confirming your place at school/ college/ university. It must be on letter headed paper. You will then need to upload this manually as you sign up as we need to confirm you’re a student for you to sign up to get the discounts. 

Q6. Can I bring my friend who isn’t a student to the event?
Yes, but they won’t receive a wristband for discounts.

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