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We Loves the 'Diff - the prints

Every Saturday from 29 April to 27 May, an exclusive, limited edition Cardiff-themed print is going to be available at St David's. Here they are! You totally, definitely want one of each for your walls...



Originally a game (invented in a Cardiff bar) and later a gift range, Taffywood features Welshified book and film titles in a celebration of terrible puns, Wenglish, the great sense Welsh of humour, and the ridiculous. You may have seen this print as huge wall art in St David's itself. Now for the first time, this art is available as a limited print, and we're very excited about it.

Print available at St David's on Saturday 29 April. How to get yours.



Whether you call it Chippy Lane, Chippy Alley or just lovely old Caroline Street, one thing's for sure – for as long as anyone can remember this has been the place to go after a few bevvies and a night on the town. When taking this photograph a suited man walked over and gave away his (untouched) takeaway dinner to a homeless man, then went back to get another for himself. It was a lovely gesture that showed the best of Cardiff.

Print available at St David's on Saturday 6 May. How to get yours.



A map as art, this poster offers a new way to appreciate Cardiff.  All located within the CF postcode, the map features key roads, the three rivers as well as ponds, lakes, docks and the Llanishen Reservoir, and the city's many parks and other green bits, this shows Cardiff in a new and colourful light. Please don't use it to plan a journey!

Print available at St David's on Saturday 13 May. How to get yours.



Cardiff Castle's Animal Wall designed by architect William Burges who sadly died before it was created in the late 1880s and early 1890s, is as Cardiff as Chippy Lane, and it seems every Cardiffian throughout the generations has a soft spot for the menagerie of fantastic creatures. When the St David's team suggested a poster featuring the Animal Wall, it was a great opportunity to get up close and personal with the closest thing Cardiff has to a zoo.

Did you know that the original 9 animals, sculpted by Thomas Nicholls, were painted in realistic colours? An additional six animals (those closest to the Taff), created by Alexander Carrick, were added in the 1920s – of a different style, these do not have glass eyes. Despite the wall being restored in 2010, it's sad to see the understandably disconcerted looking wolf currently missing an ear.

Print available at St David's on Saturday 20 May. How to get yours.



Designed in collaboration with the St David's team, this poster is a celebration of over 200 local places, icons, landmarks and slang that make Cardiff great!

Icons of the past, present and future sit proudly side by side – making Cardiff what it is today.  From Roald Dahl to Dorothy’s, from Clwb Ifor Bach to Principality Stadium, each corner of our city has a story to tell.  We all make The ‘Diff…even the TimeLord himself, Dr Who, calls it home, which isn’t too shabby ‘eh?

Print available at St David's on Saturday 27 May. How to get yours.